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Everyone I’ve met from Baltimore has been crazy about their city. I’ve never explored much, but I fell in love with Federal Hill, the neighborhood Rachael and Brad had their wedding day! The row houses, the harbor, the cute old streets with festive holiday decor and bright painted benches and doors – I could have shot on those streets all day! I was so excited to be a part of this wedding. As I talked about during their engagement blog post, Rachael and I went to photography school together. Obviously, I was stoked to photograph their wedding. It was such an honor to be there and celebrate with them! Also, instead of going on a honeymoon, these two saved their money and just bought a house! Congrats, guys – excited to see what’s in store for y’all!

Church | Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church
Reception | Baltimore Museum of Industry
Florist | Local Color Flowers
Cake | Sugar Bakers
Catering | Hunt Valley Catering
Gown | Vera Wang
Paper goods | DIY
Second Shooter | Brittany Claud

20141017_Rachael_Brad_0018 20141017_Rachael_Brad_0108 20141017_Rachael_Brad_0185 20141017_Rachael_Brad_0193

A subtle nod to Baltimore’s Ravens and Orioles. with the colors! Love it!

20141017_Rachael_Brad_0208 20141017_Rachael_Brad_0246 20141017_Rachael_Brad_0281 20141017_Rachael_Brad_0303 20141017_Rachael_Brad_0346 20141017_Rachael_Brad_0495 20141017_Rachael_Brad_0602 20141017_Rachael_Brad_0644 20141017_Rachael_Brad_0650 20141017_Rachael_Brad_0680 20141017_Rachael_Brad_0927

This wedding may have been one of the most personalized I’ve photographed. Susan and Stephen have an amazing array of interests, all of which they included in the detailed planning of this wedding day. But before I go into all of those little things, I want to say a word about this couple’s love. Their devotion to their faith and God is evident in their general ease. They both have this supernatural peace about them, and together they truly shine. I loved spending their wedding day photographing this love. It’s inspiring! On top of that, Susan MADE her wedding cake and her getaway dress. She made all of the bridesmaid dresses, which were “Tardis Blue.” [Any Dr. Who fans?] They played “old school” music to highlight their AMAZING dance skills. Yes, I was that girl trying to figure out if I was the only one NOT ballroom trained… Everything was a representation of the two of them and it made for such a unique wedding day! Enjoy!

Ceremony | Saint John the Apostle Catholic Church
Reception | Rose Hill Manor
Videographer | EMotion Pictures Inc
Florist | Rick’s Flowers
Cake | DIY
DJ | MSE Productions
Hair/Makeup | DIY
Gown | Sincerity from Ellie’s Bridal
Paper | DIY

20141011_susan_stephen_0002 20141011_susan_stephen_0040 20141011_susan_stephen_0134 20141011_susan_stephen_0308 20141011_susan_stephen_0321 20141011_susan_stephen_0496 20141011_susan_stephen_0517 20141011_susan_stephen_0525 20141011_susan_stephen_0531 20141011_susan_stephen_0567 20141011_susan_stephen_0577 20141011_susan_stephen_0623 20141011_susan_stephen_0909 20141011_susan_stephen_0991

These two are getting married next year at the beach, but they wanted to do some engagement photos in Charlottesville, where they met while working at The Virginian. The day of their shoot, the sun was shining here in Richmond, but when we arrived in Charlottesville, it started to sprinkle. And it never really stopped. Halfway through the shoot, it REALLY started to rain. So we shot creatively, using the porticos and awnings of UVA’s architecture. But when it started to rain so hard that we couldn’t move, I offered to finish the shoot back in Richmond on a sunny day. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rainy day images… in fact, shooting when it’s overcast is some serious advantages and sometimes I pray for clouds during shoots.  But, let’s talk about the glow you get when the sun starts to set! I’m thrilled for these two and wish them the best!

20141007_Caitlyn_Randy_0031 20141007_Caitlyn_Randy_0048 20141007_Caitlyn_Randy_0072 20141007_Caitlyn_Randy_0077 20141007_Caitlyn_Randy_0084 20141027_Caitlyn_Randy_0094 20141027_Caitlyn_Randy_0115 20141027_Caitlyn_Randy_0140 20141027_Caitlyn_Randy_0162

This was the first year, and if we’re honest, probably not the last, where Chad and I spent our anniversary apart. He was invited to attend a golf weekend with a group of guys. Who can turn that down? He works so hard, and I’m glad he got to have a weekend to spend time doing something he loves! I took myself up to Big Spring Farm to spend time with Jill and friends. Although I wish we could have watched the sunset over the mountains and eaten s’mores by a fire while watching for shooting stars TOGETHER, it was a great weekend for both of us!

I can hear it now, “You spent your anniversary apart?!” Yes. I’m just thank kind of wife, I suppose. I love to celebrate… everything. With food, specifically. So we went out to dinner [Thanks to my bride Lindsey!] to the Cheesecake factory a few days prior.

Next year, the big 5, I suppose we’ll do something CRAZY! Or not…

Here are just a few goodies from our wedding day! Thanks Adam Barnes for capturing our day!

IMG_0015 IMG_0021 IMG_0445

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I’m so happy to share this session. Laura and Justin are just the type of couple I need during my busy October! They made me laugh the entire time! Laura is the type of girl who, as you can see, feels free to kick off her shoes and put her feet in the grass. And it’s so awesome how Justin just adores her. My time with these guys was so enjoyable –  their family’s property was not lacking “perfect spots.” Everywhere I turned, I saw another corner that they had to jump in front of for a photo. These guys are going to start off my 2015 wedding season just right!

20141006_engagement_0018 20141006_engagement_0045 20141006_engagement_0077 20141006_engagement_0099 20141006_engagement_0130 20141006_engagement_0148 20141006_engagement_0164 20141006_engagement_0186 20141006_engagement_0214 20141006_engagement_0235

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