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Modern Indoor Portraits by Alisandra Photography in Richmond, VA

Over the past year, I’ve been able to spend many hours with Janie Medley of Janie Medley Flora Design and The Bride’s Cafe helping with some of her smaller projects. For her 56th birthday, Janie asked if I could take a few portraits for her… just for fun! What a great way to celebrate, I thought! Well, Janie has a beautiful white wall in her home, and I thought that would be the perfect place to highlight her gorgeousness. I’m so happy we met and look forward to many more “projects” with you, friend!

Modern Indoor Headshots by Alisandra Photography Modern Indoor Headshots by Alisandra Photography Modern Indoor Headshots by Alisandra Photography Modern Indoor Headshots by Alisandra Photography Modern Indoor Headshots by Alisandra Photography

Marriage Monday Series | The Perks of Being Married by KJ and Emma

Y’all, I have a huge treat for you today! One of last year’s couples is sharing their very own Marriage Monday today! KJ and Emma are two of my dear friends here in Richmond, and I was so excited when they agreed to write something for the blog. KJ is a youth pastor at a local church in Richmond and has an epic sense of humor, and Emma works as a graphic designer. She’s equally as hilarious, but quieter about it. I’ve loved watching these two grow together from dating to marriage and so thankful for the encouragement they are to Chad and me!

A warm welcome to KJ + Emma!

KJ here. A couple of months ago, I was being introduced to our downtown church community as the new youth pastor. People clapped and welcomed us as we stepped out on stage and a fellow staff member handed me the mic. After giving a brief summary of my life and what lead me to student ministry, I led into our relationship by declaring, “We are still just newlyweds enjoying the perks of marriage.” The entire room erupted into uncontrollable (as well as uncomfortable) laughter. Emma tried to keep her composure but undeniably there was a look of surprise and shock. To everyone else, what I said was essentially “Sex is great!” “She does my laundry” or even “My diet is more than just cereal now!” But the truth is, I didn’t realize the implications of what I said until the texts started pouring in as I took my seat. As funny as it was, and as true as those things may be, it’s definitely not what I was referring to. In light of this funny (although slightly embarrassing) story and our first year anniversary, Emma and I have put together a few “real” perks of marriage to share with you today:

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  1. Being with someone who “gets” you. We are best friends. Because of that, we can read each other very well. Sometimes, we don’t even have to say a word and all it takes is a single look or gesture to communicate. (This especially comes in handy when we play games like Pictionary or Catch-phrase or when we come home from a long day and one of us immediately turns the oven on for cookies and The Office reruns.)
  2. Being on the same team. We’ve had to remind each other of that a few times over the course of the past year, but knowing that someone else has your back in any situation is one of the greatest perks of being married. It reminds us that when we face things in our marriage that are beyond what we can see, know, or understand that we are in it together and don’t have to endure it alone.
  3.  Seeing God at work in someone you love. We’ve come a long way since we started dating 5 years ago. Now that we’re married, we’re better able to see the Lord’s work in each other on a daily basis. It’s exciting to have someone alongside you to not only witness the progress, but also help and encourage you in your relationship with Christ.
  4. Knowing your spouse will always be there. When one of us is hurting, it’s a comforting assurance to know that the other will always persevere in spite of natural instincts to retract or pull away. At the end of the day, we know that we are faithful to one another and it’s great to know that there will always be someone who won’t give up on you.

Obviously these are just a few perks of being married – we are discovering new ones each day! We’d like to thank Ali for encouraging us to reflect on our first year as husband and wife and for giving us the opportunity to share with you. Thanks for reading!

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Classy Mountain Lodge Wedding at House Mountain Inn in Lexington Virginia

What an appropriate wedding for the 4th of July! A boy in the Marines and a girl in the Navy tie the knot on the birthday our the country they’ve vowed to protect and serve. I was full of thanks to be able to photograph this wedding at many levels. I wasn’t able to do an engagement session with these two, but I felt like I’d known them forever. And seeing these two together was a blessing. David just adores Jess, and Jess just glows around David. Their love is so vibrant! I loved celebrating with this couple, and I’m excited to share their wedding day with you!

Venue | House Mountain Inn
Videographer | EMotion Pictures Wedding Films
Florist | University Florist
Baker | Gian Carlo Fine European Pastry
Hair + Makeup | DC Salon
DJ | Garrett Maroon

Classy Mountain Lodge Wedding at House Mountain Inn in Lexington Virginia Classy Mountain Lodge Wedding at House Mountain Inn in Lexington Virginia house mountain inn wedding photo_0003 house mountain inn wedding photo_0004 house mountain inn wedding photo_0008 house mountain inn wedding photo_0010 house mountain inn wedding photo_0011 house mountain inn wedding photo_0014 house mountain inn wedding photo_0018 house mountain inn wedding photo_0025 house mountain inn wedding photo_0024 house mountain inn wedding photo_0028 house mountain inn wedding photo_0029 house mountain inn wedding photo_0030 house mountain inn wedding photo_0031 house mountain inn wedding photo_0032 house mountain inn wedding photo_0034 house mountain inn wedding photo_0035 house mountain inn wedding photo_0036 house mountain inn wedding photo_0038 house mountain inn wedding photo_0039 house mountain inn wedding photo_0033 house mountain inn wedding photo_0043 house mountain inn wedding photo_0017 house mountain inn wedding photo_0015 house mountain inn wedding photo_0016 house mountain inn wedding photo_0044 house mountain inn wedding photo_0045 Classy Mountain Lodge Wedding at House Mountain Inn in Lexington Virginia

On July 7, 2010, Alisandra Photography became a business. Officially. I’d photographed weddings for years before that as a second shooter and about 5 or so on my own, but this was a special event because it meant that I had become a #girlboss. An entrepreneur. I found something I loved, and I was going to make it work for me. So today, I celebrate 5 years as a successful business. I celebrate those 85+ couples who’ve trusted me with their wedding memories. And I celebrate all of those who have supported me in this adventure. I’m humbled by the generosity of my family and friends for all they’ve done to propel my business.

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I’m fully aware that 5 years is not long enough to claim expert status, but I’d love to give 4 nuggets of advice for those who are just starting out! I remember hearing about photographers who’d been in the business for 5 years when I started and I was amazed! I thought… where will my business be when I’m that far along?!

Find a support team. Finding people who are FOR your business and know what it’s like to own their own are key to helping you feel like you’re not alone in a very lonely position as a sole owner who works from home and on weekends. Read the linked article above to see how I had to overcome my initial “do it yourself” attitude.

Learn your gear. Software included. Education is important to me… not because I BELIEVE in it, but because I NEED it. I’m not good at teaching myself, but going to photography school is the best thing I ever did for my business. I cringe when I learn of professional photographers who don’t know how to use their gear and they don’t know how to edit photos. It’s worth the investment of money AND time! Here is a list of my favorite education sources:

Define success. A few years ago, Shay Cochrane wrote a game-changing blog post about Defining YOUR Success. I’ve taken that and my experience with vision casting and realized it REALLY effects my satisfaction in my work.

Have FUN. Explore. Step out of the box. Take chances. This business is something that you started because you were passionate about something you could make money doing. So yea – have fun with it!


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We all know last Saturday was a rainy day, but I’ve never experienced a wedding day quite like this one. From the time we arrived to about an hour before we left, it rained HARD. There was no let-up. But as all the vendors were trying to go out of there way to make sure everything they COULD control went well, Cameron brought tears to my eyes when I overheard her say, “I’m having a GREAT time!!” As if to say – rain shmain – I’m married! She was quick to make decisions that were hard ones. Move the ceremony inside. Move the reception into a different room that isn’t pure mud. Rearrange the entire timeline on the drop of a hat. I’ve never been a part of a wedding day with so many moving parts! And I write this to say that this couple handled it with such grace and positivity. This characteristic is why I know their marriage is going to be so beautiful. Up for and ready for anything. Adventurers. Laughter. A “This too shall pass,” way about them. What could have been a miserable day, was NOT. It was gorgeous and happy and fun – I was so excited to be a part of it! Cheers to this couple and the vendors who made it all happen!

Venue | Inn at Perry Cabin
Planner | Eden Events
Hair and Makeup | Serendipity Salon
DJ | Josh Rhett, mydeejay
Dress | Amy Kuchel

inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0001 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0002 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0004 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0006 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0007 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0008 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0010 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0011 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0012 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0013 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0015 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0016 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0018 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0020 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0021 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0023 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0025 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0026 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0027 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0029 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0031 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0033 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0034 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0037 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0038 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0039 inn_at_perry_cabin_wedding_photos_0040

  • You captured Cameron and Christophe’s day perfectly, Ali!!ReplyCancel

  • Such beautiful and inspirational pictures! Brightness and gorgeous smiles captured from this raining weather, amazing photography work! As we say in French, “marraine pluvieux, mariage heureux”: rainy wedding, happy wedding (I don’t even remember how many times we said it during the wedding)
    Congratulations to the beautiful couple that I have been dreaming to see married!!
    The groom’s sister :)ReplyCancel

  • Beautiful! Love that blue ribbon on her bouquet. Next time you’re here, let me know and I’ll show you around.ReplyCancel