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Moments | Amanda + Jeff

As a wedding photographer, there are a few things I ask my bride and groom to do to create moments. I understand that that is a major no-no when it comes to a true photojournalist, but hey, that’s why I’m a wedding photographer. Anyway, one of those things is, “Hey, when you get in front of me during the sparkler exit, stop and kiss!” This is for two reasons. It allows me to know I’ll nail that shot. Cameras a really tricky in the dark, so when you have a running subject, it makes it that much more tricky to grab a focused shot of the couple. And the other reason is because it’s fun to be surrounded by a bunch of sparklers standing still – I want them to revel in the last moments of their wedding day! And what is really cool about this action is every couple does it differently – sometimes it’s a quick peck on the cheek, sometimes it a full out dip, and sometimes it’s just… well, a really romantic, passionate kiss. I’d say Amanda and Jeff NAILED the “stop and kiss.”


Brittany + Matt | Veritas Winery Wedding

“I just got nervous!” Brittany said as I walked into the room, “It just got real!” Of course I hate making people nervous, but I love that I represented the gravity and excitement for the day as I walked in with my camera. She took a few deep breaths, and I imagined her picturing herself at the front of the aisle with Matt, almost as an athlete envisions victory.  I’m still pretty blown away by how beautiful this day was. And it was so much more than her details. It was the connection and anticipation of uniting two lives. Brittany and Matt are such a joy filled couple – my favorite kind. Saturday’s wedding was my first wedding of the year, and if it’s any indication of how the year will go, I’m a very blessed lady!

Venue | Veritas Winery
Photo Booth | MS Events
Pies | Amphora Bakery
Musicians Ceremony/Cocktails | Seth Gilliard – AMAZING!
Reception Band | Another Level Band
Floral Design | Blue Ridge Floral
Sketch Artist | Dan Nelson
Hair + Make-Up | Jennifer S.

veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0002 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0001 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0006 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0008 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0011 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0010 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0012 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0022 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0023 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0025 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0028 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0029 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0032 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0034 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0036 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0039 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0018 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0013 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0015 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0020 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0040 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0041 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0049 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0053 veritas_charlottesville_wedding_0054

Wow, what a gorgeous couple!

Stopppp these are amazing. A new favorite of yours for me!! Loveeee the bridal portraits… and that white room she got ready in!

This is gorgeous Ali! I love the ceremony shots!

So gorgeous!! So timeless + fresh. Love the colors and what a beautiful couple!

Wooow SO pretty Ali!!! You did an amazing job!

In love with these!! Great job, Ali!

WOW!!! Absolutely one of my favorite weddings you’ve done!! You did an amazing job capturing it! The bride is so beautiful!!!

Moments | Brittany + Matt

I’ve always been one who loved epic moments during a wedding day. They aren’t the photos typically featured on wedding blogs. They aren’t always the “prettiest” photos or showcase “the details.” But there are always countless photos that tell a story that is so unique to each wedding in a more photojournalistic way! During this wedding season, I want to start featuring more of those moments!

During Saturday’s wedding, the wedding band, Another Level, asked to slow it down a little bit – for a classic. I’ve never really appreciated Prince until my twenties. I love Kiss, and a few others, and thanks to this past wedding, I have a new appreciation for Purple Rain. Halfway into Purple Rain, the guitar player steps into the crowd and starts the most amazing guitar solo. It was such a thrill to see this guy jam so hard, playing behind his head, and then with his teeth. I love when bands take the reins and really show how passionate they are about music because it really amps up the guests and makes for an amazing experience! I know Brittany and Matt will remember that time their wedding band ROCKED the house with Purple Rain. What a thrill!



Brittany Walls

Amazing right! This guy really got down :) we were so blessed to work with you!!!

Love this series!! Yes! Love it! I am working with Krista right now as we design my website to include a section entitled “It’s the Moments” to showcase my heart for the stuff that matters on wedding days. It’s too often that the details get the glory and I love that with these simple posts you can change that :)

Off Season Accomplishments

I decided I’d write a huge long list and keep it going with everything I wanted to do during my few months “off.” And so I did. I wrote and I wrote and my list grew and I slowly began to cross things off. I gave myself “things to do” each day, and in the end, I feel like I’ve really accomplished a lot!

  • change out prints in my office
  • order a 12 x 12 sample album
  • set up my gigantic new printer
  • order a new camera – yay for full frame
  • read The Hobbit
  • go to Hawaii
  • hang our gallery wall of our anniversary session
  • decide on/purchase client gifts – HALFWAY DONE!
  • finish our coffee nook in our kitchen – HALFWAY DONE!
  • learn how to do same day slideshows – thanks to easy tutorial from Ashley Goodwin
  • improve my reception lighting
  • set up a studio backdrop + practice
  • redo my workflow chart
  • rework my pricing for expense changes + update my investment guide
  • clean up the yard for spring! – HALFWAY DONE!
  • purchase Photo Mechanic
  • reupholster my car seats
  • shoot a little film
  • set up all of my +sites for the year
  • update insurance with all new equipment
  • update my portfolio
  • go to United
  • clean out my magazine stack
  • visit Early Mountain Vineyard for client
  • visit eye doctor, get hair cut, go to dentist

Although it would be so refreshing to have EVERYTHING finished, I’m excited to see a ton crossed off. Cheers to 2014, y’all! A look at my sweet couple for tomorrow’s wedding! So excited to be shooting at Veritas with an amazing team of vendors!