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The door to the carriage house was open, allowing sunlight and sweet spring air to pour in while the soft melodies of hymns poured out. Laura and her girls were getting ready in a cloud of hairspray and excitement. I imagine that when Laura and Justin chose an April date, they were just praying it would be as beautiful as it was on Saturday. Not a cloud in the sky or a drop of humidity in the air. Laura and Justin married under a huge oak tree, and celebrated under the Sperry Tent at Keswick Vineyard. The day was nothing short joyful! Enjoy some of my favorites from the day!

Venue | Keswick Vineyards
Planner | Barb Wired
Paper Products | Tried and True Supply Co.
Catering | Eric Stamer Catering
DJ | Party Masters
Hair + Makeup | First Look Artistry
Flowers | Floral Design by Jacquelyn
Desserts | Tamara Holleman
Photo Booth | The Photo Booth Co
Rentals | Festive Fare
Transportation | Camryn Limousine

keswick_vineyard_wedding_0006 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0004 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0008 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0010 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0011 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0012 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0013 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0016 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0017 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0019 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0020 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0029 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0030 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0027 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0033 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0034 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0035 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0037 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0039 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0038 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0023 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0024 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0040 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0043 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0044 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0046 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0047 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0057 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0054 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0052


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  • Oh this has me SO excited to photograph there in June!!! These are stunning Ali! <3ReplyCancel

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    Incredibly lovely!ReplyCancel

  • So beautiful!!! This place holds some good memories because it’s where I shot my first wedding!! I love Keswick Vineyards!ReplyCancel

  • Carolyn Snider

    Beautiful photography of beautiful people having a beautiful wedding! So glad we could share in the magic of the day through these photos. Blessings to all!ReplyCancel

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Having JUST relaunched my website, I’m pretty excited to see that there are a few new faces visiting the blog! And sometimes it’s fun to be able to connect with people on a light and wacky level and introduce myself to people who may not know me. It’s helpful to know that the people we follow online actually have quirks, pet peeves, and flaws that make them that much more real than the professional shell puts forth. I love getting to know others when they write these posts, so I thought I’d share some ridiculous facts about myself. Here we go! [Also, if you didn’t see the previous post, the giveaway is still going on! $25 J.Crew gift card? Yes please!]

  1. I grew up with a stutter! It kept me quiet and shy most of my childhood – I never raised my hand in class and hated to be called on. I went to speech therapy for a long time and eventually, I lost it! Every once in a while, it comes out [words like "specifically"], and I just have to laugh it off and praise God that he took the worst of it away!
  2. I have no desire to go to Disney World. If it’s up to me, we’ll be doing the Disney Cruise when it’s time to introduce the future children to the Disney Experience. I think it harkens back to my childhood trip. We waited 2 hours for every ride and got sick on giant turkey legs. Disney World is NOT for me… And I just lost 50 followers.
  3. I’ve been to over 100 concerts. I sat down to count ticket stubs recently [I collect them.] and I was really amazed to find 88 stubs, and several season passes that equalled out to well over 100 concerts.
  4. In 2005, I went Christmas caroling with Jack Johnson in Hawaii. [Mic drop.]
  5. I watch a lot of ESPN. Not on purpose, but I turn on the TV for noise while I work, and Chad is always the last person to have the remote. I never get around to changing the channel. It catches up with me and I think, “I’ve been watching Sports Center for 5 hours now…”
  6. If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be Pizza.
  7. My first name is Beth. Weird, right? I go by Ali, a nick name of my middle name, Alisandra.
  8. If I wasn’t a wedding photographer, I’d have to still be doing something in the service industry – preferably in the hospitality industry. I’ve always thought being a hotel concierge would be pretty sweet! Or running a bed and breakfast – to me that just sounds like a dream!
  9. I’ve had the same car since I started driving. My Acura RSX; it is my dream car, even today. I hope it stays around forever…
  10. Before I understood the concept of growing up to be something, I wanted to grow up to be a giraffe.

You can find a few more “about me’s” on my new site HERE!

So what about you? Can you relate? Post a link to your “10 things you didn’t know” blog posts. Or your bio page! I’d love to get to know you better!!

Above photos from the fabulous Andrea Pesce, and below, Annamarie Akins.

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  • Jack Johnson! Say what?! We’ll definitely need to grab coffee or a drink soon to first of all, meet, and second to hear that story!ReplyCancel

  • Oh my gosh, I think I still want to grow up to be a giraffe!!! Love these and you, Betty!!!!ReplyCancel

  • i’m all over your website today and loving it. is it just me or why am i not seeing this post as your most recent but rather back in march. either way i loved reading it and slightly jealous over jack johnson! xoReplyCancel

  • You are gorgeous my friend!!!! <3 Love your revised branding by the way!ReplyCancel

  • I still like you, even with that Disney declaration. :) ReplyCancel

  • Helen

    Love your new site look! Also I do NOT like Disney either.. bleh… Something else we have in common haha! XOXOReplyCancel

  • Oh my gosh. Before I understood the concept of growing up to be something I wanted to be a dog…Haha I’ve never met anyone else who had the same misunderstanding! That, and my food would be Pizza too :) . Loved this so much!!ReplyCancel

Celebrating with a giveaway today because I’ve just launched my new simplified and refined website! I talked a lot about that yesterday on the blog. If you want to enter for your chance to win a $25 J.Crew gift card, I’m accepting entries until Midnight Tuesday April 14, 2015. This giveaway is not sponsored by J.Crew.

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    Just happened to stumble across your blog today so I’m not sure what the website used to look like, but the photos are gorgeous!ReplyCancel

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  • This look is so clean, so classic, so simple and beautiful and really FEELS like you! I love it, friend! xoxo!ReplyCancel

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Tomorrow, things will look differently on my blog and website. Like many others, I have been going through a small brand “refinement,” as I’m calling it. Nothing is really wrong with what I have now, but styles change. My brand is still, “Relaxed, Romantic, Real,” but the appearance will be simplified fairly dramatically. Although the change may seem significant, realize that things are not actually being rebranded.

Rebrand VS Brand Refinement. I’ve been wondering what to call this update, and although it’s easy to say, “I’m rebranding!” That’s actually not what’s happening. In fact, I love my brand. I don’t want it to change. Brand encompasses so many things, especially in the business where who we are is so connected to our brand. It becomes where I shop for clothes, the car I drive, the music I listen to… and of course the obvious – what I post on social media, my editing style, what I blog about, and what my website looks like. Rebranding right now would feel silly because I just did that 2 years ago, and the foundations of my brand haven’t changed. If you’re thinking about rebranding, may ask yourself these questions I pondered when I rebranded 2 years ago. If you answer NO to most of them, a rebrand may be for you!

  • Do I get excited to share my website with potential clients?
  • Is there anything unique to me about my website and professional identity?
  • Am I attracting the type of clients I want to book?

This past fall, I could answer all of those questions with YES! So why did I still feel like I wanted to make a change?

3 Signs It’s Time For A Brand Refinement. There comes a certain point where my “look” needed a small update. How do you know when you’re at that point? Here are somethings I noticed…

  1. Constant Tweaking. For me, I started changing the font sizes and rearranging some of the text boxes on my website. I wanted to make things simpler, but didn’t know how. Initially, I just start playing with it. I became increasingly dissatisfied with my own tweaks and decided to leave it, but all the while in the back of my mind knowing something wasn’t right.
  2. New Period of Growth. For me, my editing had been constantly evolving. I finally felt I was in a place where I had a process and look I loved. Because I’d grown a lot in those two years since my rebrand, specifically in my editing style, I felt like my website wasn’t the best platform for my images. For you, this may look like a relationship change, a move to a new city, something spiritual, or just your everyday maturation!
  3. Assuming Future Growth. I wanted a place for growth to be possible! My initial rebrand was exactly what I needed. I wanted to get out of a template website, move to ShowIt for the ease and community they offered, and something that represented ME. But two years later, I have new goals and aspirations. I’m going to offer mentoring sessions and potentially take on editing in the future! My site didn’t expand that far. For you, this may look like taking on some sort of education as well. Or phasing out portraits and moving into weddings.

These three signs really pushed me to contact my designer, Ravyn, from Three Fifteen Design. I was nervous because I didn’t understand how she could create something that was the same but different. But when she sent me her initial ideas for my site, I flipped. I totally fell in love with where my website could go and how simple and easy it was, yet had everything I was looking for! Here are goals for this refinement! If you’re looking to refine what you’ve got going on, I strongly recommend at least having a conversation with a designer. They are the experts and can guide you! So “Au Revoir” to this website… I can’t wait to relaunch tomorrow!


Jill described Steve as her soul mate when we talked on the phone for he first time. Her joy was contagious, and I was so excited to meet them for their engagement session. We arrived and the wind was crazy, but I love the movement and romance it adds to their photos. I always ask people to move around in their photos so they don’t look stiff or posed, so we had it easy! Jill and Steve, it was so great meeting you – I can’t wait for your wedding day!

st_michaels_engagement_0001 st_michaels_engagement_0002 st_michaels_engagement_0004 st_michaels_engagement_0005 st_michaels_engagement_0006 st_michaels_engagement_0008 st_michaels_engagement_0009 st_michaels_engagement_0010 st_michaels_engagement_0011 st_michaels_engagement_0012 st_michaels_engagement_0013 st_michaels_engagement_0014 st_michaels_engagement_0021 st_michaels_engagement_0016 st_michaels_engagement_0017 st_michaels_engagement_0020