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Getting to photograph Grace and Charlie’s Northern Virginia wedding was such a pleasure. The love these two share is contagious! Ever since their engagement session, I’ve been looking for their wedding day. These two got married at their home church in Vienna and celebrated with their family with a traditional Korean meal – my first time eating Korean food did NOT disappoint. They continued their party with their friends at Coomber Hall, a hidden gem nestled in NOVA. I wish I’d known about this venue when I was getting married! I’m so happy to share some photos from their wedding day!

Wedding Planner | Hello Luna
Videography | Jihee Jeong
Invitations | Joanna Kim
Florist | Centreville Square Florist
Baker | Dalkohm
DJ | Dennis Woo
Makeup | Helen Dang
Dress | Bella Rosa

fall_wedding_coomber_hall_photo_0003 fall_wedding_coomber_hall_photo_0005 fall_wedding_coomber_hall_photo_0001 fall_wedding_coomber_hall_photo_0009 fall_wedding_coomber_hall_photo_0010 fall_wedding_coomber_hall_photo_0011 fall_wedding_coomber_hall_photo_0014 fall_wedding_coomber_hall_photo_0015 fall_wedding_coomber_hall_photo_0017 fall_wedding_coomber_hall_photo_0016 fall_wedding_coomber_hall_photo_0018 fall_wedding_coomber_hall_photo_0020 fall_wedding_coomber_hall_photo_0021 fall_wedding_coomber_hall_photo_0026 fall_wedding_coomber_hall_photo_0027 fall_wedding_coomber_hall_photo_0029 fall_wedding_coomber_hall_photo_0031 fall_wedding_coomber_hall_photo_0033 fall_wedding_coomber_hall_photo_0037

Although this was my first time doing mini sessions, it most definitely won’t be my last. In fact, I might just plan for two dates next year. It’s just enough time to get a perfect amount of photos without loosing the attention of everyone involved! I had 5 sessions this year with a variety of families! And nothing like a mini session to get you to go to Target  for a shopping spree at for some props. What I realized is that most people don’t need the props, but I forced them into some of the photos. Here are some of my favorites from the sessions!

2015_Fall_Mini_Sessions_0010 2015_Fall_Mini_Sessions_0044 2015_Fall_Mini_Sessions_0049 2015_Fall_Mini_Sessions_0095 2015_Fall_Mini_Sessions_0110 2015_Fall_Mini_Sessions_0155 2015_Fall_Mini_Sessions_0183 2015_Fall_Mini_Sessions_0201 2015_Fall_Mini_Sessions_0206 2015_Fall_Mini_Sessions_0286 2015_Fall_Mini_Sessions_0298 2015_Fall_Mini_Sessions_0329 2015_Fall_Mini_Sessions_0363 2015_Fall_Mini_Sessions_0382 2015_Fall_Mini_Sessions_0423 2015_Fall_Mini_Sessions_0447

I just think these two are the sweetest. Ali said over and over again how she was nervous – I hear that and get excited [sorry, Ali!] because that means my clients will trust me to do my job! But honestly, it also means that their session will be amazing. Ali and Mike were so fun and easy to work with! They choose the VMFA because they love the grounds and the surrounding streets [Mike ALMOST proposed there!]. I don’t blame them – I love Richmond because of these cute row houses. Best wishes to you two and have an amazing time planning your destination wedding in Cape Cod!

VMFA_RVA_fall_engagement_0004 VMFA_RVA_fall_engagement_0003 VMFA_RVA_fall_engagement_0001 VMFA_RVA_fall_engagement_0005 VMFA_RVA_fall_engagement_0006 VMFA_RVA_fall_engagement_0009 VMFA_RVA_fall_engagement_0010 VMFA_RVA_fall_engagement_0012 VMFA_RVA_fall_engagement_0019 VMFA_RVA_fall_engagement_0014 VMFA_RVA_fall_engagement_0016 VMFA_RVA_fall_engagement_0017

The sliding doors at the airport opened and cool air hit my face. As a gentle reminder that, “You’re not on Maui anymore,” I breathed in the smell of crunchy leaves instead of the warm, sweet, floral air. I know it’s not my state and, most likely, I’ll never live there, but my heart aches to get back to Hawaii. There are so many things I miss already. The huge green tropical leaves. The fact that fall is when the flowers bloom. My hair actually having volume rather than being flat and full of static… Of course Maui isn’t perfect – no country music station on the radio and they have their share of social/economic issues… but it is a little slice of paradise in it’s own way.

Yesterday I took the vacation responder off. It felt good to get back into my inbox and plan for this weekend’s wedding! I’m looking forward to the fall! I have a lot of exciting things planned and can’t wait to get started!

While in Maui, I didn’t blog, but some posts went live you may have missed!

This beautiful nautical St. Michaels wedding.

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And the most recent, another Marriage Monday about CHANGES.

Coming up in the next few weeks, I’ll have some images from my most recent shoots! A workshop, some DIY highlights, portrait sessions, mini sessions, and a wedding! For now, it’s back to work!

To see more from our trip, stay tuned for the film post… and check out #mauied5years on instagram!

#mauied5years on Instagram @alisandraphoto

Well, as of Saturday, we’ve been married FIVE YEARS. Reading that back to myself sounds crazy. I think about how much has changed since we recessed down the aisle hand in hand. We’ve moved a few times, Chad has had a few job changes, we bought a house, gained new friends, made new best friends, traveled together, and we’ve watched my business grow.

Thinking about this, I can’t help but wonder what is on the horizon? What does God have in store? What blessings? What will He allow in our life – good or bad? Kids, a move, more travel, hardship? I don’t feel scared or anxious, I just wonder. I’ve never been good at answering the question, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” Because I just don’t know what is next. The plans we make, we hold lightly knowing that God is, although consistent, unpredictable.

The Baths at Virgin Gorda

In 5 years of marriage, one thing I’ve learned when faced with changes is that my FIRST thought HAS to return to Chad. Every decision we make comes through the lens of what is best for each other. If I think, “I don’t want to,” before I think, “How does Chad feel about this,” then I’m already spiraling down to a place that is going to lead to a lot of tears. I want my first steps to be unselfish and OTHERS focused. Right now we’re in the slow process of some changes that could impact our life in Richmond in a big way, and that has been really cool to see how we handle this right around our 5 year anniversary.

…it’s not thinking more of myself or thinking less of myself, it is thinking of myself less…
~ Tim Keller

I’m not a big fan of vague posts that leave readers with questions, but at this point there is nothing to report. I write this to encourage you. If you’re in a place where you’re struggling with “me” vs. “us,” go with US. Or better yet, YOU. If both of you are thinking about the other, the freedom that comes from self-forgetfulness is powerful..