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I had a wonderful time at Government Island with Brittany and Chris shooting their engagement session. I love how go with the flow these two are… we were switching locations just hours before our session [trying to outrun the rain] and it was no big deal for them! And I thought I was laid back! Well, I can’t wait to share their wedding images with y’all – they are getting married at their home in just one week!!!! But for now, enjoy some of their engagement photos! [And I just have to mention that they came dressed in all of my favorite colors... WIN!]

government_island_0018 government_island_0006 government_island_0003 government_island_0001 government_island_0005 government_island_0008 government_island_0012 government_island_0013 government_island_0014 government_island_0020 government_island_0011

Mallory and Will arrived from New Jersey dressed to the nines for their Richmond engagement session. They looked like celebrities! I immediately noticed their chemistry – they laughed together and were so much fun to hang out with! Mallory had wanted an indoor location, and Main Street Station was the perfect option…and it just happens to be my favorite Richmond venue! Enjoy my favorites from this sweet couple!

richmond_main_street_0003 richmond_main_street_0001 richmond_main_street_0004 richmond_main_street_0007 richmond_main_street_0008 richmond_main_street_0009 richmond_main_street_0010 richmond_main_street_0012 richmond_main_street_0013 richmond_main_street_0015 richmond_main_street_0017 richmond_main_street_0018 richmond_main_street_0019

For our first anniversary, I had our vows designed and printed by Ashlee Proffitt. Upon framing them, I wanted to hang them in our home as a reminder of the words we’d promised on our wedding day. I hear so many version of vows at weddings and they are so similar, yet so different at the same time!

Our vows? I copied them from a sermon I listened to about marriage and faithfulness. During the message, they took the time to explain each part of the vows, and at the end of the church service, they actually had a couple renew their vows using these words! Here is what I liked about what they said…

  1. They were in a dialect I could understand. There was no, “I take thee,” or “death do us part.” I just wanted to say, “Hey – I’m making a choice to spend the rest of my life with you. But in a more classy way than that.
  2. The words aligned with our beliefs about marriage. The pastor at a wedding I photographed said, “What you believe about marriage is more important than how you feel about each other.” I wanted our vows to echo that sentiment! Also, we don’t believe marriage is eternal – just “until death.”
  3. There are slightly different promises. It’s true! I’ve written the differences below. Because Chad and I play different roles in our marriage, we figured it would be good to vary the word choice slightly. God calls the husband and wife not to be equals, but to compliments, loving each other in different ways than the other.

So, here are our promises. What about you? Did you write your own? Use the traditional vows? I’d love to hear!

I, Ali, take you, Chad, to be my husband
before God and these witnesses.
I promise to be your loving and faithful wife,
to obey and honor you // to cherish and protect you
as my lifelong companion in physical and spiritual unity
through joy and sorrow, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer
until one of us shall lay the other in the hands of God.



The door to the carriage house was open, allowing sunlight and sweet spring air to pour in while the soft melodies of hymns poured out. Laura and her girls were getting ready in a cloud of hairspray and excitement. I imagine that when Laura and Justin chose an April date, they were just praying it would be as beautiful as it was on Saturday. Not a cloud in the sky or a drop of humidity in the air. Laura and Justin married under a huge oak tree, and celebrated under the Sperry Tent at Keswick Vineyard. The day was nothing short joyful! Enjoy some of my favorites from the day!

Venue | Keswick Vineyards
Planner | Barb Wired
Paper Products | Tried and True Supply Co.
Catering | Eric Stamer Catering
DJ | Party Masters
Hair + Makeup | First Look Artistry
Flowers | Floral Design by Jacquelyn
Desserts | Tamara Holleman
Photo Booth | The Photo Booth Co
Rentals | Festive Fare
Transportation | Camryn Limousine

keswick_vineyard_wedding_0006 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0004 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0008 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0010 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0011 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0012 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0013 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0016 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0017 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0019 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0020 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0029 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0030 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0027 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0033 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0034 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0035 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0037 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0039 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0038 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0023 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0024 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0040 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0043 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0044 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0046 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0047 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0057 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0054 keswick_vineyard_wedding_0052


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    Incredibly lovely!ReplyCancel

  • So beautiful!!! This place holds some good memories because it’s where I shot my first wedding!! I love Keswick Vineyards!ReplyCancel

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    Beautiful photography of beautiful people having a beautiful wedding! So glad we could share in the magic of the day through these photos. Blessings to all!ReplyCancel

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Having JUST relaunched my website, I’m pretty excited to see that there are a few new faces visiting the blog! And sometimes it’s fun to be able to connect with people on a light and wacky level and introduce myself to people who may not know me. It’s helpful to know that the people we follow online actually have quirks, pet peeves, and flaws that make them that much more real than the professional shell puts forth. I love getting to know others when they write these posts, so I thought I’d share some ridiculous facts about myself. Here we go! [Also, if you didn’t see the previous post, the giveaway is still going on! $25 J.Crew gift card? Yes please!]

  1. I grew up with a stutter! It kept me quiet and shy most of my childhood – I never raised my hand in class and hated to be called on. I went to speech therapy for a long time and eventually, I lost it! Every once in a while, it comes out [words like "specifically"], and I just have to laugh it off and praise God that he took the worst of it away!
  2. I have no desire to go to Disney World. If it’s up to me, we’ll be doing the Disney Cruise when it’s time to introduce the future children to the Disney Experience. I think it harkens back to my childhood trip. We waited 2 hours for every ride and got sick on giant turkey legs. Disney World is NOT for me… And I just lost 50 followers.
  3. I’ve been to over 100 concerts. I sat down to count ticket stubs recently [I collect them.] and I was really amazed to find 88 stubs, and several season passes that equalled out to well over 100 concerts.
  4. In 2005, I went Christmas caroling with Jack Johnson in Hawaii. [Mic drop.]
  5. I watch a lot of ESPN. Not on purpose, but I turn on the TV for noise while I work, and Chad is always the last person to have the remote. I never get around to changing the channel. It catches up with me and I think, “I’ve been watching Sports Center for 5 hours now…”
  6. If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be Pizza.
  7. My first name is Beth. Weird, right? I go by Ali, a nick name of my middle name, Alisandra.
  8. If I wasn’t a wedding photographer, I’d have to still be doing something in the service industry – preferably in the hospitality industry. I’ve always thought being a hotel concierge would be pretty sweet! Or running a bed and breakfast – to me that just sounds like a dream!
  9. I’ve had the same car since I started driving. My Acura RSX; it is my dream car, even today. I hope it stays around forever…
  10. Before I understood the concept of growing up to be something, I wanted to grow up to be a giraffe.

You can find a few more “about me’s” on my new site HERE!

So what about you? Can you relate? Post a link to your “10 things you didn’t know” blog posts. Or your bio page! I’d love to get to know you better!!

Above photos from the fabulous Andrea Pesce, and below, Annamarie Akins.

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  • i’m all over your website today and loving it. is it just me or why am i not seeing this post as your most recent but rather back in march. either way i loved reading it and slightly jealous over jack johnson! xoReplyCancel

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