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Brian and Brenna had a dream wedding, I’m convinced. Although warm, they had perfect weather, ideal locations, and the best team of vendors Richmond has to offer. I was so honored to be a part of their day. It started at The Jefferson where Brenna dressed and shared some sweet moments with her family and bridesmaids. I loved how supportive they were, helping calm nerves when they were high. Making their way to the iconic Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, the couple said their vows and got married! We had plenty of time to make our way over to Berkeley Plantation for their reception. Brenna planned a leisurely day where guests could wander the historic property and mingle during cocktail hour. I just loved how much time we had to explore all that Berkeley has to offer! I’m so glad these two are married, and I can’t wait for you to see their gorgeous day!

Venue | Berkeley Plantation
Planner | Tart Event Co.
Lighting | The Lighting Professors
Florist | Amanda Burnette
Baker | Shyndigz
Band | Bachelor Boys’ Band
Calligrapher | Oh So Indigo
Tent | Commonwealth Events
Caterer | Groovin’ Gourmet
Rentals | Grand Rental Station & Classic Party Rentals
Transportation | Groome Transportation
Hair and makeup | Avenue 42

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When I started my business, it was the same year I was getting married and moving to Winston Salem, NC. My time in NC was so brief and rattled with uncertainty because after my husband’s leadership program, we’d be placed in a city somewhere in the southeast. I felt like I couldn’t market myself in any particular city because… I didn’t have a city. We were placed in Charlottesville, but within months of living there, Chad took a promotion in Richmond. And here we are!

We’ve been in Richmond for over 3 years now! I can hardly believe it. This is the first year I’ve noticed myself wanting to be a Richmonder. I can’t believe we’ve lived here for so long without… floating down the James or picnicking at Maymont. The more time I spend and focus on Richmond, I’m desiring to work in my city, not just live here. I want to meet Richmond brides and work with Richmond vendors. But I also would love to be able to spend more time IN Richmond, rather than on 495 and 95 traveling as much to 4 hours one way for a wedding day. Because what I’ve come to realize in my job is that working here gives me more time to LIVE here.

This doesn’t mean that I’m not open, or not welcoming to those weddings, brides, and vendors. I’m blessed by all of my clients no matter where I live! It just means my marketing focus is going to be more community based. I’ve slowly started to nurture my local relationships, and recently have been accepted into the Richmond Wedding Collective! I’m so excited to be one of 5 photographers in The Collective among less than 30 other Richmond wedding vendors! I can’t wait to pursue more RVA weddings and get to live AND work in a city that I’m learning to love!


And click the image below to check out all of the other wonderful vendors!


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I can’t believe this is real. When Chad said, “MAUI 2015!” at the end of the last trip, I just thought he was joking. Because we joke a lot about going somewhere tropical at any point. But apparently… it was real. We made the decision to celebrate our 5th anniversary on the island we love so much. I sometimes wish we had a less expensive “thing,” but Maui has become our thing. We both feel relaxed and connected on that island. From the time we get into our rental car, we’re smiling, driving with the windows down and blasting the Jawaiian station as loud as we can stand it.


We have been to Maui a few times, but that doesn’t mean we know it all. Do you have any places you’d recommend? Restaurants? Attractions?

We don’t have much of an itinerary, but I know we plan to…

  • Spend two days exploring the Road to Hana
  • Visit a local church. We loved Hope Chapel and Kumulani Chapel when we’ve gone in the past!
  • Bike down Haleakala after watching the sunrise [finally!]
  • Walk Thompson Rd. and eat at Grandma’s Coffee House

I will also will have some free time to schedule a couple shoots! I’ve never “worked” on vacation before, but I’m not sure I’d hate it. I’ll have my camera anyway, and I love meeting new people on vacation! We’ll be staying on the south shore of Maui, however I’ll have a car to go wherever! But I’ll need your help! I’d love to spread the word to make this happen! If you know of anyone who lives in, or is traveling to, Hawaii and would love to schedule a portrait session or elopement, send them my way!

[Side note,  I'd love to hear your suggestions for awesome hashtag ideas - comment below with your ideas and follow along this October!]



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Brittany and Chris were married in their home in Stafford surrounded by their family. It was such a sweet, intimate affair that it’s hard to put into words. I felt so honored to be a part of their day! I was one of 11 people to be a witness to their wedding vows! It was such a beautiful celebration, making me wish more people would grasp their philosophy. For them, it wasn’t about a party or details. It was celebrating with those closest to them and actually being married. I was there to photograph their vows and some bubbly before they went into DC to get dinner to celebrate! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!! [Also, don't you love her navy wedding dress?]

Cupcakes | Confections Bakery
Florals | Anita’s’ Petite Fleur
Hair | J. Nicole’s Salon
Invitations | Wedding Paper Divas

stafford_home_wedding_0002 stafford_home_wedding_0003 stafford_home_wedding_0007 stafford_home_wedding_0009 stafford_home_wedding_0011 stafford_home_wedding_0014 stafford_home_wedding_0015 stafford_home_wedding_0016 stafford_home_wedding_0017 stafford_home_wedding_0019 stafford_home_wedding_0021 stafford_home_wedding_0025 stafford_home_wedding_0027 stafford_home_wedding_0029 stafford_home_wedding_0031 stafford_home_wedding_0022 stafford_home_wedding_0033 stafford_home_wedding_0034 stafford_home_wedding_0035

Cameron and Christophe were awesome enough to meet me before they went into work for their engagement session in the heart of Georgetown. Sunrise is really becoming my favorite time of day to shoot! For their session, we had a hazy sunrise, but as soon as that sun popped up, we got beautiful golden light! Cameron and Christophe were awesome enough to meet me before they went into work for their engagement session in the heart orgetown.  I’m pretty excited for their Eastern Shore wedding next month as these two are a blast to hang out with and are so easy going! Here are so faves from our time!

georgetown_sunrise_0001 georgetown_sunrise_0002 georgetown_sunrise_0004 georgetown_sunrise_0006 georgetown_sunrise_0005 georgetown_sunrise_0007 georgetown_sunrise_0009 georgetown_sunrise_0011 georgetown_sunrise_0013 georgetown_sunrise_0014 georgetown_sunrise_0017 georgetown_sunrise_0018