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The Funeral Celebration

It sounds silly. Maybe not silly. Depressing? Maybe. But not really.

One year ago almost to the day, Grandma Flowers said, “Have you heard? We’re going on a cruise! It’s my funeral celebration!” We let out a quick laugh in amusement and disbelief. A cruise? The whole family? But you’re alive? Yes. All of the above.

How generous can one person be? A cruise for one person is amazing, but your entire extended family? This trip was so incredibly special. In the words of Grandma Flowers, “I didn’t have a big wedding, [7…including the bride and groom], I never had a big birthday, so I want to throw a big party.” The cruise was her way to show her excitement and appreciation for life. It was simply wonderful. Full of family, tropical beaches, good food, and wonderful memories. Here are some of my favorite views from my Fuji!!

Happy Birthday, Grandma Flowers!

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