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The last wedding of the year is bittersweet! It’s the end of a great year and I’m so sad! But also excited to share the photos and for the 2017 wedding season to officially begin! And When it’s a New Year’s Wedding, there is a whole ‘nother level of excitement. Caroline talked in depth at her […]

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Second shooting has been a huge part of my growth as a wedding photographer. It’s actually how I got started in this industry! It is the best way to learn about and experience a wedding day, sharpen your eye as a photographer, and enter into a mutually beneficial working relationship with another photographer. So rather than […]

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  • Thank you posting such a valuable opportunity. I have been tinkering with the idea of being a second shooter for years, but never put myself out there. I am ready to explore new techniques, meet new people, and learn more from industry leaders.
    Btw- I am in the progress of rebranding and updating my website, which should be finished by the end of February. I am excited, it’s been a long road, but a journey I have completely enjoyed.
    I look forward to 2017, great things are going to happen soon!!!

  • Hello!
    I am located in NJ and would love to be considered for any weddings you may have in NYC, or the tri-state area.
    Your work is beautiful!!
    I have been shooting weddings for 4 years.
    I second shoot and also book my own weddings.
    I currently do associated work for one company.
    If by any chance you are looking to open any associate opportunities for weddings in NJ or NY, let me know

    My website is above
    My Instagram: @monicamphoto

    Thank you for your time and consideration

    Monica MReplyCancel

  • Hi there! I’m still getting my season together but I love assisting and second shooting. Something about the feeling of helping out and feeling needed in the field that I’m in love with. I shoot canon and have a backup. I have all L series lens and I do have knowledge of ocf but could always use a few new pointers. Looking forward to speaking with you!!ReplyCancel

  • IG: dreaphtgrphyReplyCancel

  • Such beautiful photos!ReplyCancel

Step inside my world, y’all! Here are the behind the scenes of a wedding photographer. After posting these for the past two years, I just had to do another outtakes post! Here are a few things I learned by looking at these photos… Many different emotions go into planning the first look. “Hold on. I don’t […]

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  • You are SO GOOD at what you do!!! I love the smiling while shooting pics! And hi, that blue dress on you?! Amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Such a babe. So many cute outfits. LOL at the photo of you and your bride not smiling. Love this post!!ReplyCancel