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Brian + Marcy | Richmond Virginia Portraits

I microwaved Friday’s left over curried chicken. Chad might be upset when he gets home because the house will, yet again, smell like curry. Sitting on the couch under my fleece Redskins blanket, I went back and forth between blogging Marriage Monday or blogging Brian and Marcy. I think because I miss them already, I […]

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Sam + Jordan | Harrisonburg Virginia Engagement

They met in the library. Sam asked Jordan a question about the computers. He knew the answer, but he needed an excuse to talk to her. Then he said she looked familiar, “Are you in intervarsity?” he asked. He knew she was. He had seen her before. Many times. Jordan had his attention long before […]

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Charity + Chris | Central Virginia Marriott Ranch Wedding

Sometimes I wonder if God tickles us. Before you click away, just hear me out. Have you ever been so joy filled that you laugh? Out loud? You’re heart starts to pound, you smile, you’re wiggly, and you know that there is a higher power at work. Not because you can prove it, but because […]

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